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Saturday, 14 February 2015



Our little Sawyer is one year old. This time last year we were still with him in the hospital which was one of the most wonderful, quickly turned to one of the hardest weeks of our lives. Some of you may remember that story, if not, I won't get into all the details because the important thing is that we had this beautiful, healthy, perfect little boy to bring home to Ben. These two. They kill me.

To say that Ben adores his little brother is the understatement of the century. I can't convey in pictures or words what these two have going on. It's the best thing ever. I am so proud of Ben for being so sweet and loving towards Sawyer. My sweet boys. The best little people ever.

Just like his big brother, he has silly perma-bedhead. He's funny and sweet and loves to snuggle. He's moving everywhere, and he's furiously trying to walk. I am so excited to see these two running around together this summer. 

Tomorrow we will have a small get together to celebrate this guy. We are so happy he's one of us :)

The Wild featured on Bluebird Kisses


Ana over at Bluebird Kisses featured The Wild on her Small Business thursday series! I'm SO honoured! Take a look for more behind the scenes pics and a little interview.

As she mentions in her post, she and I will be working together to host a BIG giveaway to celebrate the launch of The Wild. Stay tuned, and make sure you are following us both on Instagram (Ana and me)

Ana has been a huge supporter of not only my business venture but other small business owners out there. She is so encouraging and always wants to help spread the word, she's truly a selfless, amazing person and I am one of her absolute biggest fans. OH! And she's going to be opening her very own shop soon, Rufus + Murdog, which will feature an amazing collection of cool finds for babies and kids (including us of course!) so follow along with the shop here. (Side note - guess who illustrated the dogs in her logo? Three guesses...)

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Sawyer's Monthly Photos - Catching Up

If this isn't the purest example of second children not getting the same perks as first borns than I don't know what is. I still take Sawyer's monthly photos, I do! Do I post them? Well no. When I was in school I took my blog offline and wanted to focus on that exclusively, and then I totally lost momentum with, well, everything else in life. So I'm getting back on track with the internet. And with Sawyer's first birthday right around the corner (!!!) I thought I'd better get these up here!





Things to note. that red hair isn't going anywhere. And I chose the darkest, most difficult to photo corner of the house to take these pictures in. Dammit. 

Sawyer is growing so fast. He wants to basically run after Ben all day long, and gets very pissed off when he realizes he can't do just that. He has a hot little temper this one. Don't cross him!!!

He's also the sweetest little guy, adores Ben, loves to clap his hands and wave. LOVES food. Loves to sit sideline while Ben has a bath. These two brothers. My heart.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

T H E W I L D | Modern apparel for hip kids.

Hello! So I've been alluding here and there to a project that I've been working on for ever (and ever) and it's all finally out in the open. This has been a labour of love to say the least...what an adventure. I'm so SO happy it's all launched!


So, a little back-story. Years ago I had been painting and had created some characters for Ben's room. People started asking for them and things began to snowball. I had this crazy idea that it would be so wonderful to create something really cool with these drawings of mine. 

Countless sketchbooks and notebooks and months (years) later, this is where I'm starting. And seriously, starting is the key word. For now, we are offering baby clothes, kids clothes and accessories. There are so many more things I will be adding. Stay tuned! But for now, check out what we have!!









This is just a little peek, you can see more on our website here and our Etsy shop here. Also, you can follow along with us:

✚ INSTAGRAM /// @thewildkidsapparel


✚ TWITTER /// @thewildkidsapp


We plan on adding more products, different characters, running some fun contests....eee I can't wait!!

This project was not done alone. I could NOT have done any of this without Billy, who has been my sounding board, my constant support, my photographer, my complete partner. I want to do this for him and for our kids. I want Ben and Sawyer to see that Mommy works hard too, and if all goes well I too can be contributing to our family. Taking these years to be home with the boys has been a DREAM and I feel so completely lucky to have been able to do it. It's all because of Billy. But it's time to really seriously integrate work into my life, and balance that with my mom duties. This balance is something I've been really needing and I'm happier than ever when I have work to do. Ask anyone. I'm strange.

My Mom and Dad. Those two. I can't begin to describe how much they help and support me, encourage me, motivate me. It's because of them that I applied to school again, to this amazing semi-secret program that has helped me make this all happen. They are the hardest working people, both small business owners, and they push me to do things that I normally wouldn't think were possible. You guys. Thank you times a billion.

Ben and Sawyer! My handsome little muses. This is ALL because you exist. Not even lying, before you I wasn't sure that I liked kids all that much. Now, I'm sold. Kids rule. You two most of all.

Don, Norine, Cass, Kurt, the family that I married into who are the best ever. You guys are always there for us every step of the way and I don't know what we would do without you. Cass, I'm totally going to need you at my upcoming markets girl. 

To everyone, my family, my friends, everyone who is sick of hearing about this, ALL OF YOU, I'm so very grateful. Not only for being my cheerleaders, for sharing and liking things all over social media. But just for being in my life and for being AWESOME. I never could have imagined I would have the best set of people in the universe surrounding me. It's the best.

Anyway, I love you guys. Straight up for real. You get it.



Monday, 12 January 2015

Christmas 2015


Christmas is always great, always. I love it beyond words. But I remember one of my least favourite Christmases. A few years ago, the Christmas before I was pregnant with Benjamin. It was lovely, don't get me wrong. 

Billy and I had been married for over a year, things had slowed down from all of that chaos. Things were good. And Christmas was good. 

But it was quiet. Too quiet. It wasn't spoken of, not even between Billy and I, but I knew there were people missing. I knew that it was time to bring little ones into this family of ours. I knew I didn't want another Christmas to go by without them.

The following Christmas I was pregnant, and every Christmas since has been....right. Complete. And it just gets better and better. This year, Sawyer's first Christmas, was the best yet. So perfectly complete. I am so, so grateful to be surrounded by my boys, my Mom and Dad, Billy's family, everyone. During the holidays, and every other day of the year.







Golden Globes 2015 Fashion - The year the fashion died

Nothing can pull me out of blogger hiding like an award show with hideous dresses. I mean. Last night was atrocious.

Let's talk about what was good, because that's kind of boring. We'll start with my personal fav. Diane.

aandbstoriesglobes (3)

Oh Diane. You are so wonderful. You don't go for the boring strapless numbers we see over and over and OVERRRR. This dress is so beautiful and unique and you should win some sort of fashion medal. Also you and your boyfriend are the cutest and please don't break up.

Next up. Emma. 


This outfit is super cool. I don't know about weird appropriateness fashion rules when it comes to the varying degrees of formality at these shows, but I loved this. 

Channing Tatum's Wife

aandbstoriesglobes (7)

Do you know her name? Come on, you don't. Anyway, her hair is so pretty and the silhouette of this is a little weird but she looks like a beautiful spring flower and I thought it was pretty nice on her. 

Helen Mirren

aandbstoriesglobes (6)

This dress really isn't all that great but you guys. Helen is such a babe. I love that she is 69 years old and takes care of herself. She looks amazing. She's super inspiring to me.

Felicity Jones

aandbstoriesglobes (5)

I love anything with a different neckline, and the shape of this dress is lovely. She looks so perfect.

Taylor Schilling

aandbstoriesglobes (11)

I'm the only person in North America that hasn't yet watched this girl's show (there's just too much good tv!) but this dress is so good. So good. Well done, girl.

Tiny Fey

aandbstoriesglobes (12)

This dress is really weird but I loved it. Edgy and cool and black and white. Yes.

And now. The bad.

Claire Danes

aandbstoriesglobes (2)

Hi, my name is Claire Danes. I have all of the money in the world and this is the very best dress I could find for this event. Ok Claire. Ok.

Lupita Nyong'o


Dressing for spring doesn't have to be this literal. Actual petals? It's silly.


aandbstoriesglobes (9)

Dear JLo, the 90's JLo called and said it's ok to not wear skin toned lipstick and plunging necklines. We get it. You are bronzed. WE GET IT.

Keira Nightly

aandbstoriesglobes (10)

What. The. F. I've never wanted to use the "I can't even." more than now. But I literally can't even.

My beloved Jennifer Aniston

aandbstoriesglobes (8)

Jen. We need to talk. Let me preface this by saying that I am your biggest fan. For real. I will NEVER FORGIVE BRAD. And I am so so happy to see you nominated. But honestly, when did you stop being good at award show fashion? If you were always bad, this would make sense. And this isn't your worst. The dreaded John Mayer/braided band fiasco outshines this. And this isn't terrible. But you could do SO MUCH BETTER. And you were nominated this year. So this was your year. I'm crying on the inside for you. But, you know what? You found a guy that's cooler than Brad, and so, things aren't so bad for you Jen. Just please fire your stylist. Or hiring one if this is your own doing.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

So. Ya. Worst blogger. Ever.


I've been busy you guys. It sounds so funny to write 'you guys' as if anyone is reading, but maybe I'm still stuck in someone's Feedly or something and like three or four people will see this? Well, I have a decent enough reason for my absence. Ready for a story? Grab a tea.

Ok, so year ago, after Ben was born, I got really, really into painting and drawing. More so than ever. So, for a while I was painting. Then I was painting more. Then I was painting stuff for kids. And drawing characters for Ben. And the ideas were really flowing.

I decided I wanted to open a business focused solely on my children's illustrations. I had a million product ideas, and I thought I could really make something of it. And then, Sawyer happened. Lovely, incredibly cute Sawyer. So, sidetracked! The best kind of sidetrack :)

Anyway.....Sawyer arrived, we got used to being a family of four, and the idea returned. And I knew it was time to make things happen.

After speaking with my Mom and Dad, they convinced me to look into this amazing government program that, if you're selected, helps you create a business plan, and implementation plan, and supports you through the whole process. This program involved in class training, a business coach, and a lot of resources not openly available to the public. Very cool stuff.

Well, I applied. And I was accepted. And I went to school. And I finished school. And now I'm on #689354 of my implementation list. It's all happening friends. For real. In a few weeks (!!!!!) I will be able to actually share the shop details. But for now, I'll just say that it's coming. And I REALLY hope you like it!

So, I am going to keep updating, and soon you'll see everything! And updates on the boys to come, of course!

P.S. That Rad as F//k t-shirt is by the one and only Sara of Top Knot Weddings, and yes, you need to buy one.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ancaster Fair

We spent our Sunday out at the Ancaster Fairgrounds. This time of year is just the best, right?

All fairs are pretty much the same so I'll spare you the details but, we hit a major milestone today. Ben went on rides all by himself! He actually wanted to do it, and he was so brave! I might have cried a bit. Ya, I'm that mom.





And one with Daddy, so excited about that one!


Uncle Mike and Auntie Emma came out to meet us, the boys were pretty excited to see them!



Poor Sawyer had a few bouts of really bad teething here and there. Billy and I took turns putting him in the carrier, but he was still pretty mad about it.


Bunnies! I want one!!



As Billy put it, this next picture sums up Ben and Sawyer's relationship perfectly. 


And, to end, a pretty sky. Because I have a thing for skies. 

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