Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Day 5 for Cohen

It seems that Cohen is a miracle puppy. She's on her 5th day at home with us. So far she has slept through the night every night. She doesn't make a peep, doesn't have any accidents. Doesn't get freaked out when she can hear Arthur and Lola going ballistic downstairs. She already has learned to sit, she's eating really well, she walks on her leash, it's amazing!! Yesterday Billy put her in our room all alone while he had a shower, and she just laid queitly in her bed and waited until he came to get her. I think she will do well when we're at work on her own.

A lot of strangers have stopped to pet her and she loves it, which is a really good sign. We've been taking her all over the place, the Pier, up the mountain to Hillpark, around our neighbourhood. When she's older she's going to be an outdoorsy dog for sure.

I think she's going to fit in just perfectly with us Duckworth’s!!


1 comment:

  1. Don Moore!

    Thats amazing, if she is doing that well you should teach her to speak like humans do. that wouod be awesome.


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