Thursday, 28 June 2007

Billy's Birthday BBQ Dance Party 07

Billy’s birthday BBQ was so much fun, thanks to everyone for coming out. Here is a recap of the night. People began to arrive at about 7 or so (except Rach who came early to help us, because she rules). The drinks began at that point, which resulted in the actual barbequing taking place at about 10 pm after everyone realized we were starving and had forgot to buy veggie burgers for Mike and Lindsay.  After dinner we did presents, and Billy LOVED his new camera, and the fact that its purchase resulted in a free $150 shopping spree at Shoppers Drug Mart thanks to our Optimum Points. He also got several bottles of rum, a really nice shirt and a Snow Patrol DVD, a Puppies for Dummies book and a camera case. Everyone had a great time, Cassie was sneaking rum into her diet Pepsi, we saw Jay leave the house in his gold casino vest, we listened to Journey’s 'Don’t Stop' many times and had a dance party in the backyard to various Fergie, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake hits. Our neighbours did not call the cops, and Mary and Frankie were not found hammered in their backyard trying to join our party. Yay!!

And of course, here is the photo gallery for everyone:

06.23_017 2007_06250035 2007_06250020 06.23_010 2007_06250026 2007_06250001 2007_06250003 2007_06250004 2007_06250006 06.23_017 2007_06250018 

vest 06.23_012


  1. Thanks so much for having us, and they veggie burger run was amazing. Greatly appreciated. It was an exuberant amount of fun. Thanks a million times over, and a million times again.

  2. It was a lovely night - sitting out in the backyard under twinkly lights and having drinks and fun. Cohen was a very wee puppy considering all the company.



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