Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Cohen loves and hates Starr

After several successful days on a leash and a few really great walks, we have turned Cohen’s world upside down and bought her a harness. She is not pleased. I remember fondly walking her (about 3 days ago) and she would gallop along and smile happily, while stopping here and there to smell a few flowers. Now she wants to stop every 5 seconds and chew the crap out of this new harness. This is what I get for trying to be more humane.

On the weekend we brought her to my Grandma's house, where she discovered the beauty of the tennis ball. She ran after that thing for a good 2 hours, thus allowing us to return home and watch a full movie, uninterrupted. My grandma's poor pup Starr was a little thrown off by her crazy puppy behaviour. I'm sure she will like Cohen much more when she's a grown up, so to speak. My dad seemed to actually like her. This may be the very first animal he hasn't hated.

Apart from the harness debacle, life is good at our place. Lola is still being a bit of a snob, but that’s nothing new. Arthur adores Cohen, they run around and play together and now and then they walk side by side which must be the cutest thing you could ever see. It’s hard to believe that one day she will tower Artie, but it will come soon. Cohen hasn’t yet grasped the idea that Arthur can run up on the arm of the couch but she can’t, it hardly seems fair I’m sure.
So far that’s her life. Wake up. Pee. Chew stuff. Look for Arthur. Pee. Chew stuff. Chew harness. Pee. Sleep. Chew stuff. Etc.

In the next few days she will be getting her very first bath…this should be good. I’m guessing that I will need to emerge myself completely in the tub with her to get her to relax, but that’s ok. It’s amazing what a tiny little blonde puppy can make you do.

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