Wednesday, 13 June 2007


At about 3 am last night little Cohen had to go outside. She wakes me up so gently, she just puts her front paws up on my side of the bed (because B sleeps through anything) and I’m awake. I was completely exhausted, having been up at 5 am every day since we brought her home, so I slowly stumbled through our pitch black house, carrying Cohen, stepping over Lola and Arthur, down the stairs to our back door.

I open the back door onto our deck and head down the stairs…Cohen is struggling at this point because she has to pee so badly…and I can smell a skunk. We bought a strand of lights that you put inside the top of your patio set umbrella, so I turned it on…completely expecting to see a skunk running around our backyard.

I didn’t see one, so I let her down, but I started to think about it, and I wondered, what the hell would I do if a skunk sprayed both her and me, at 3am. There would be no going back to bed at all, I would have to pull Billy out of bed to go buy us tomato juice…at the 24 hour grocery store in Ancaster…it would probably be the worst thing to happen during a pee break for your dog.

She’s learning things pretty quickly, like to sit at each street corner, and she’s getting better on her harness. It must be so hard, being a dog and listening to all of these instructions being yelled at you all the time. There are so many things we’re trying to teach her, and so many behaviour things we want to avoid. We’re constantly telling her to get down, or to stop chewing, or to sit, or to leave Arthur’s head alone. But overall she’s getting the hang of things, and she’s having fun!

One thing she can’t understand is stairs. She can get herself up them, no problem, and often does so in complete silence while we watch a movie. The problem is, she has no concept of coming down them. At all. When we take her out front to try them (the stairs up to our front porch are sort of wide), we call for her to come down them, and instead of taking a step, she lunges at us hoping we’ll catch her, which we have done each time so far, thank God. It’s actually pretty cute, and we laugh hysterically, but it won’t be so funny when she’s 80 pounds.

Lola and Arthur are doing just fine also. Lola still hates Cohen, and Arthur still loves her, even though his head is almost always in her mouth. And Billy and I are doing great too, lol.


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  1. Im not going to lie, your animals are the cutest things I have ever seen. If one of those kitties happens to go missing one day. IT WASNT ME!


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