Monday, 11 June 2007


On the weekend we took Cohen down to the Peir again. It was a little hot but she did pretty well. First, we got there and she wanted to lay in the shade for a bit and chew grass.

For the first while she just wanted to sit with us, continue chewing grass, and also chewing her leash.

Then she discovered that there were a ton of people and dogs around playing. 

She also saw bees, which she really likes to chase and try to eat.

Then she realized we had brought her frisbee.

Then she learned how it pick it up.

Then she realized that she LOVES her frisbee. 


A lot.

After a while she slowed down a bit. Started to get a little tired.


And thirsty.

But mostly tired. 

Really, really tired.

This morning on her walk we met a lady around the block from us with a 2 year old Golden who invited her into a puppy play group at Dundurn Castle, so I think when she's a bit older we might bring her there. For now, we have to hold her back from other dogs while she barks her head off.


  1. Thats pretty damn cute. It was awesome that i met her. shes a damn cute dog.

  2. OMG so cute
    The last photo is so cute. I love looking at all of your photos


  3. Seriously that picture of Cohen sleeping on the couch nearly made me spit out my tea laughing.....that's ONE tired puppy.

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