Thursday, 7 June 2007

Slowly, Cohen is hating the harness less.

It's been really nice taking her around the neighbourhood, there are some really nice spots near our house, like Dundurn Castle and Victoria Park. Cohen loves them all so far, anywhere with grass really. It’s pretty rare that I see the light of day at 5 am, but this seems to be her time to get up, so I’m getting used to it. Once I’m up we walk for a good hour each morning, and then we both take her again after dinner.

Yesterday Cohen met a 5 year old Retriever named Lou Lou, she was a good 90 pounds or so, just gorgeous. Usually Cohen gets freaked out by big dogs, she barks or growls a little, but she just loved Lou Lou. Her owner told us that it's really common for Golden's to recognize one another, we thought that was pretty cool. I wonder if it made her think of her Mom, poor thing.Our area has a lot of seniors so most of the dogs are little yappers, but all of them are cute. There is one man who rides a scooter with a giant scary looking dog, some sort of mix that looks like a long haired German Sheppard. We sort of worry what would happen if the dog took off running, his owner would be helpless, that's for sure. My strategy would be to pick up Cohen and let Billy kick it away, but hopefully it will never come to that. Another man has a mangy looking Scottish terrier named Toby, who must be a good 40 years old, the poor little guy. His owner fell madly in love with Cohen and had a million questions, and told me all about Toby's various friends and where in our neighbourhood they live.

It's pretty weird the way you start to notice how many dogs live near you when you get a dog yourself. And dog people notice new dog people really fast. They like to ask questions about how the pup is doing and is she sleeping through the night and eating well, reminiscing about what it was like to be a young puppy parent I guess. And everyone has advice, where to take her, what other dogs are friendly, what to do when the SPCA van drives around our area (which apparently, is to leave her on the leash but let her run free, because though all dogs must be leashed, you can fight it is her leash it still attached to her, or at least so says Toby’s crazy owner).It's like some secret society that I once thought was lame. Now I'm at work looking on the internet for doggie daycare. Next thing you know I'll be buying a dog raincoat. And boots.

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