Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Little Miss Cohen

An update on our little angel (or brat, depending on the time of day).

She’s growing up too fast, of course. Things have been really good with the pup, she’s learning really quickly and every day we can see just how smart she really is. We’re amazed at how good she is with little kids, having met tons of them in our neighborhood. They all, of course, run to her and have their hands all over her little face, and she just sits there smiling, looking a little nervous, but so well behaved.

She’s met lots of other dogs too. Last night she met two little Jack Russell’s, and this morning she met a black Chow Chow (who was off her leash, grr), and she just smells them and gets excited, but doesn’t try to nip or anything.

At home she’s doing really well too. She’s completely used to being on her own during the day. She’s always really groggy at her lunch time visit with me so I think she just sleeps and waits for us. She’s pretty satisfied as long as she has her bed, her toys and her food and water. She’s still sleeping right through the night (Halleluiah). She is also teething like CRAZY...Billy and I have the war wounds to prove it.

When we’re home she’s still pretty into chasing Arthur, a lot…but for whatever reason he lets her do it. Most of the time we pick him up and put him on the dining room table, thinking he will realize he can easily escape her…but he jumps right back down. I guess he’s happy to have someone to play with, after a long time of trying to play with snobby Lola.

She’s growing, fast, and she inhales her food and water. A while ago we were having a little trouble with her bowls…we would walk into a swimming pool on the kitchen floor (and tiny wet paw prints through the dining room, living room…) because she has been playing in her water. I found the most gorgeous wooden raised bowls online, but discovered they were about $160…and after realizing we’re not crazy, we bought this great set for only $30 at Petsmart:


Problem solved!! They work perfectly, no more swimming pools.

Today is her first appointment with the vet since we brought her home, she’s getting her next round of shots…wish us luck!!

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