Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The vet and a Bob Dylan T-shirt

At first, I thought the vet appointment was going to be a disaster. It was insanely hot, and so Cohen decided she had no interest at all in walking outside. When I finally got her out the door, she wanted to go the way we always walk (towards Dundurn Castle) and was dead set against walking South. After more convincing (dangling treats in front of her) and started walking, but every step of the way she would stop and lay down, and pant from the heat, poor girl. So, most of the way I carried her, and by the time I walked in to the vet’s I wanted to die from the heat myself.

2007_07100030Once we got over that hurdle, things went great. As we walked in the receptionist was asking me for information, and a vet assistant came over and tried to take Cohen away to the scale. Well, of course Cohen had no interest in leaving my side, so I had to take her to the scale, make her sit and stay until it weighed her. The ladies told me they were surprised at how well trained she is considering her age, which was pretty cool. They don’t need to know she was just putting on a show for treats and normally causes nothing but chaos.

2007_07100029Once we got into the examining room she started to get a little ancy and nervous, but the vet was great with her. She told me that her eyes and skin and ears are all very healthy, and that she’s larger than a typical Golden Puppy of her age, so she’s expected to be just enormous (yayyyy). She gave her a shot, which Cohen didn’t notice, and Advantage Multi to protect her from fleas and worms and all of that fun stuff. She also gave Cohen a toy made of fire hose material that she has gone bonkers over, and that was it!

When we got home, her back was still a little damp from the Advantage, and we didn’t want it rubbing on the floor…hence the Bob Dylan t-shirt. She actually liked it. This may open the flood gates to the whole dog dressing trend, much to Billy's dismay, ha ha.

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