Friday, 17 August 2007

Best bed ever

We officially have a king size bed now!! This morning when it was time for me to wake up Billy, I couldn’t reach over to him as I normally do, I actually had to sit up, scootch over several feet, then reach over to wake him. How cool is that!

There were several people in the Ikea parking lot laughing and Billy, my dad and I as we jammed it into the van. At one point a lady next to us actually said “Are you really trying to get that bed in that van?” but it worked! And so we got everything home and organized. We discovered a little scam Ikea pulls to give us such low prices, they charged us extra for the wood slats and the metal support bar, but I can’t complain, our bed was $239!

There is still a lot to do. We have to set up the dressers, side tables, and get our old furniture organized, but then we can enjoy the new set up.

I thought I would put together a little vignette of the inspiration for our mini bedroom makeover. I will put up before and after pictures soon, but this is the basic look we’re going for, including bedding, artwork, etc.:


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