Friday, 10 August 2007

Cohen hates cannons, weeds is hysterical

It’s Friday at last, the day everyone waits for. So far our plans for the weekend involve sock shopping at Wal-Mart and sitting on the couch, yay!

On our morning walk today Cohen and I walked through Dundurn Park and down the path almost to the bridge over the bay. We stumbled upon a pile of leaves and Cohen went completely bonkers, it was a lot like watching little kids play in those plastic coloured balls at Chucky Cheese, minus the deafening screams and the choking hazard. She also discovered the cannons that are at Dundurn Castle and has decided she hates them. She can’t seem to walk past them without stopping, sitting, and barking for a good minute or so. Several attempts were made to show her that they are inanimate objects, all of them were unsuccessful.

Each night this week we have been watching Weeds, trying to get caught up so that we can watch the premiere this coming Monday. I can’t believe more people I know aren’t watching this show, it’s completely genius. And it’s filled with memorable quotes. Here are a few hilarious ones:

Nancy : “You promised me no kids.”
Josh: “Yeah, but they all want it, and they cry if you say no.”

Doug: “It's a weed wonderland, Nancy. It's like Amsterdam only you don't have to visit the Anne Frank house and pretend to be all sad and shit.”

Nancy: “Foul! Ref, what's the matter with your whistle?”
Celia: “Well, technically, Nancy, Ref can't call a foul. Shane was kicked by his own team mates.”

Nancy: “People got stoned for The Passion of the Christ? That's disturbing.”
Josh: “It's not as disturbing as seeing it not stoned. Religion my ass, it's a straight-up snuff film.”

Doug: “Nance, trust me, a bakery is virtually impossible to run without drug money.”

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