Friday, 3 August 2007

Friday at last.

At lunch today I went home to let Cohen out for a pee as usual. She doesn’t take well to this heat, so she’s in out and back in within about 4 seconds, which I love. Once she’s back I usually sit with her, Arthur and Lola in the kitchen, as they all seem to come rushing downstairs during my lunchtime visit.

Today I thought I would give them each a little brush, so I started with Lola (who hated it) and then worked on Arthur for a bit who LOVES it, and fur was flying everywhere. At this point, Cohen had been watching closely, and the jealousy in her eyes was just becoming to much for her, so she started barking for me to brush her too. She has about 10 different types of bark. She had the loud low mean bark when she sees the puppies next door that she hates. She has the high pitched ear piercing bark when she wants to go outside and we’re ignoring her. But then she has this bark that actually sounds like ‘Woof’, and this was the one she used today when she wanted to be brushed. So I had two brushes going, one on Arthur, one on Cohen, blonde and grey hair everywhere. For those of you who don’t like pet hair…stay away from our place!!

The weekend is finally here, and hopefully Billy will be off for a bit of it at least. Tomorrow we’re hoping to get up to the family’s new house to help Norine, Don and Cassie get started. It’s the sweetest house, hopefully we can take some pictures for everyone to see.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I am not a lover of pet hair but i have to say i have never had any pet hair on me when i have been at your place. You must clean all the time because it’s always spotless!

    Miss you hope to see you again soon.


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