Monday, 27 August 2007

Our new car, the vet, birthdays

It’s no surprise that our weekend flew by, it still feels like Friday to me, but oh well, we have a long weekend to look forward to.

Things have been crazy in the Billy & Age household these days. First up, our car died. Billy was driving to work late last week and one of the tires flew off, thus forcing him to veer off the road and smash into a pole. Thankfully, only the car was totaled, Billy was safe and sound. Within the day he already had a new car for us, it’s an adorable Ford Taurus, we love it! I will miss our other car a lot, it was the cutest little thing, but this one is really great. We have loads of room, and it was so cheap!! I can’t believe the great deals that exist in the used car world, it’s amazing. Seriously, grab a few hundred bucks and start hunting, you’ll find yourself a car!

Saturday was Cohen’s second vet trip, it was her last round of boosters for this year. She was insanely hyper this time around, it was a good thing Billy was there to control her, while I had the challenging task of feeding her treats while Sandra, our vet, trimmed her nails. Once again, she didn’t notice the needles at all, only the treats.

We did a bit of shopping in the afternoon, went to Ikea to pick up a few things and Mapleview. In our travels we noticed a new Lowe's being built!! I am so excited, I will for sure be there opening day. Probably with my Mom.

Sunday was Norine and Cassie’s birthday BBQ up at the new house, what a fun night it was! Billy had a lot of family there, we had great food and cake, it was really nice.

When we got home we watched the season finale of Big Love. Woah. What an episode that was.  Best show ever.

And tonight, it’s Weeds!! I knew there was a reason I liked Mondays.

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