Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Paint party

Last night the guest room makeover began. I remembered to take a before shot (it looks especially grim with everything off the walls and no furniture) so I will post the before and after soon. The second coat will go on tonight after work and shouldn't take too long. The paint we bought is the thickest paint I have ever used, sort of like gross beige pudding. It covered pretty well, but it was a pain to get on. I hate all paint that isn't Ralph Lauren, I really do. We went cheap this time because no one cares about the guest room, except it’s handful of regulars (Mike, Linds and Rach) but 9 times of of 10 they’re drunk by the time they hit that bed so it’s ok! This is the last room we are painting before we sell, Halleluiah! If we don’t get a million dollars for our house I will be pissed.

After the paint party we were looking at Ticketmaster and discovered that this may be one of the best falls for shows. So far we plan to see Yellowcard, Metric/Killers/Pumpkins at V Fest, Brand New and Thrice, and the Beastie Boys. I am secretly hoping that they will soon announce that this fall will also include Death Cab, Snow Patrol and Radiohead to make it complete….but I’m not getting my hopes up too high.

We also watched this Dane Cook stand-up that I have seen a BILLION times, but Billy loves it, and despite my best efforts and my pouty face, we watched it anyway and I was crying I was laughing so hard. Damn Dane Cook…he always gets me with Banana Sandwich bit.

This morning I was working on some touch ups when Cohen nearly sunk her entire snout into the paint. Luckily I saw her push her way into the room and had a feeling she was up to no good. After she lost interest in the paint she decided to lick the futon, in its entirety, for about 20 minutes straight.

There are some pretty funny sites on the internet if you’re bored enough to really look. This one is hilarious: It's a retouching services company, and if you go to the 'Portfolio' section you will see pictures of celebrities and the touch-up jobs they did, amazing! You click on each face and mouse over to see the change. At first it seems subtle, until you notice the little things like slimmed down arms and waists being downsized. No wonder celebrity bulimia is so huge. Although...I think they made Cameron Diaz's thighs thicker!!

Other updates include:

- Our basement is clean
- TV is crap unless it’s Monday
- Lola is in a bad mood right now (I don’t know this for sure, but it’s probably true)

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