Thursday, 20 September 2007

Gossip Girl

Hmmm. I have mixed feelings about this new show. On the plus side, it has many of my favourite qualities in a tv show.
  • Rich kids in nice clothes that I can live vicariously through
  • Really good music that I will probably download after each episode
  • Some of the parents are central characters too, it’s not just teenagers, so I feel less guilty watching it
  • Lots of teen angst and drama

On the down side, it has the dreaded voice over narration. This has got to be one of my least favourite qualities in any show. It’s why I couldn’t get into Desperate Housewives, and what I hated about Sex and the City. It’s just cheesy.

But apart from that, I loved it. So, I will give it a few more chances to see if I can tolerate the lame Gossip Girl commentary.


  1. I feel the same way the voice over narration is annoying. I’m not sure why but it never bothered me in sex and the city. I am wondering if its because I knew who it was but in this show I don’t. I personally just dislike the voice all together.

  2. the oc part 2!?

    they are airing the oc on tv now, and it comes on like right when i get off work everyday... so im caught up to the end of the first season. its sooo much better than the show when i started coming over for oc night (season 3?) blehh.... but it was awesome when ryan owned voitcheck with his own phone.. and when that surfing guy iced himself.. he was a douche for jumping on ryans mayonise

    miss you guys,
    im not secretly in love with ryan atwood


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