Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Labour Day Weekend

It's always a good feeling when the weekend is over and you feel like you got about 4626726 things done. Even if they are fun, non-to-do list related things, it's still nice.

After work on Friday I picked up dinner for us (our usual Fortinos hot foods take-out, delicious). We stayed in and relaxed after what felt like a really long week and managed to get a good 9 or so hours of sleep. Saturday morning we were up bright and early, we got some breakfast and did some shopping, which means yes, I did several happy dances when approaching the mall. We went to our usual stop-ins, American Eagle, the pet store, and every place that sells DVD's.

Later that night we met up with Melanie and Chad for drinks at Ray's place. It was Karaoke night, lucky us! Between our drink and appetizer orders we got to enjoy many lovely albeit terribly off-key renditions of Elvis, Bob Dylan, and U2 songs. It ended up being a really fun night, it was great to see you Mel & Chad!!!

On Sunday we drove up to Ancaster to see Halloween and Superbad, both of which were awesome movies. Despite the many bad reviews we read for Halloween, it was great! The casting of little Michael was really good, what a spooky little kid he was, and his masks were especially creepy. Even after the cooling-of period of Superbad (which we watched second for this very purpose) I still went home and made sure that kid was not behind my shower curtain, and yelled at Billy for turning off all of the lights on our second floor. And I did NOT find his flickering on and off of the lights when we first got home to our dark hallway amusing.

Superbad was great too, really hilarious, and although I don't always go for the gross-out high school type movies, this one was one of the good ones. The three kids who played the main characters really should shoot to super stardom after this, but being geeky kids may only work for this type of movie.

Monday was spent watching 4 of the 13 dvd's we took home on Saturday, and Weeds, because there really isn't anything else on TV we watch these days. Other activities included cookie baking and several incidents of Cohen-chastising. Story of our life.

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