Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Barney is awesome


As usual, we caught onto this show about 3 seasons late. But How I Met Your Mother is one of our new favourites. Barney (aka Doogie Howser) is hilarious. In fact, he may be the reason we keep watching, he's that good.


  1. pps its not really 5am!

  2. neil patrick harris! remember harold and kumar where hes hanging out the sunroof of a limo doing a line off some halfnaked hoebag. and then its like.... whos driving that limo!? and then you wonder if NPH is controlling the whole thing with his mind..... ok too far. i think his limo driver was driving the limo actually

    ps billy the other day i was doing some cleaning and found both 'jesse sucks at halo vol 2.' and 'billy cant operate a bf900 laser assault rifle to save his life, which is why he sucks at halo mix' compilations... oh yeah and finch are back together.


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