Thursday, 4 October 2007

Fall holidays and shopping dates

So my holidays are officially over *single tear* but I still have lots more saved up, so it's not too sad. It was a great holiday, I must say. Every weekend should be five days.

Saturday was spent mostly watching over little Cohen with her cone and her sucky bandages and her ear drops. She's doing really well considering how awful it must be for her. She has become furious with the cone, and has now started actually biting chunks off of it. She had her bandages changed once so far, and she'll go again this weekend. Hopefully at the end of next week she will be cone/bandage/eardrop free and we can go back to life as it was before. I have bruises from the stupid cone. She rushes right into us with it, and it's razor sharp edge is not fun!

Sunday I spend the day with Rach, we went to the Clothing Show in Toronto which was really cool! There were a lot of new designers there showing their lines. And despite the insane traffic and shuttle bus situations, it was a really good time. Hopefully I'll get to see her again soon, because I miss her like crazy and I never see her thanks to her full time job (way to be ambitious Rach).

When I got home we went up to the Moore house for dinner with Norine, Don & Cassie where I ate the best steak ever and consumed roughly seven pounds of Norine's potato casserole stuff, which is like heaven.

Monday was the kick off to my Fall Fashion clothing spree, and I spent it in T.O. (again) with my lovely sister Melanie. We met at Union, I bought a Cafe Mocha and rice cripsy square worth approximately 34566 calories, and the shopping quest began! We both did very well I would say. I managed to find brown heel boots, a brown purse, slippers, a gorgeous knit scarf, a sweater, some undies, and a cute hoodie for Billy which he loved! Mel also found awesome things, including adorable shoes, a purse, slippers, cords and a few t-shirts. As usual we spent just enough time in Hollister and Abercrombie to reak of the perfume they drench everything in, but that's all part of the fun! I also found the winter coat of my dreams, perfect for when I walk Cohen this winter and also brown which is my fall colour obsession, which I will for sure buy after I have won the lottery. Or when I get paid next.


The remaining days of my holidays were spent around the house, cleaning, playing with Cohen, and watching Gilmore Girls pretty much the entire time while I ate Pop Tarts and Doritos in large quantities. And waited impatiently for Billy to get home from work, to cure the boredom.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wicked time off.

    That jacket looked so good on you which makes it a must have. I had the best time and wished i lived closer. Everytime i see you it just reminds me how much i miss you and need to move back to Hamilton!

    GKA...hahaha old school baby!


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