Thursday, 22 November 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's snowing out. Snowing!!

December is right around the corner, and as usual we have 9874698345 things to do. Plan the party, send out cards, shop for Christmas, decorate the house, train our nutty pup, watch Elf, bake Elf again....

In 11 days I have my first shopping trip planned out with Melly, and I'm seriously hoping it snows that day for us so that we can fulfill our shopping mall at christmas/hot chocolate/mittens/millions of bags plan. We pretty much always rule the shopping date, so I know it will be perfect.

After that I have only a couple of weeks to get things ready for the Open House!! I'm not sure yet what to make this year.....fruit with booze in it, cake with booze in it, punch/eggnog with booze in it....decisions decisions. My goal for Xmas Open House 07 is to make sure there is something to eat on every surface in our house!!! I know, it's a pretty good goal.  If I were truly Martha Stewart, I would probably have edible items on my tree as well, but sadly I do have a life outside of holiday planning.

Either way, it's going to be one heck of a party kids. It might be good to fast for a few days in preparation.


  1. I know, 8 days!!!

    And vodka, without question.

    Also maybe some sort of shot. Or liquor filled chocolates. Or just a box of chocolates and a bottle of vodka.

  2. I can not wait until our shopping date. They always turn out to be so much fun :)

    Miss ya sis....see you in 8 days at our Christmas party.....what shall we drink?

  3. We went to the liquor store on Saturday and bought Vodka, Sour Puss Raspberry, Tequila Rose, Jack Daniels and beer. Plus on hand we already had a bunch of other stuff so I think we are good to go.


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