Thursday, 6 December 2007

Mange Club

Last night we had our monthly Mange Club dinner, and I think everyone will agree this was the best one so far (apart from the fact that a few of us were missing, wish you guys could have been there).

Sarah booked us reservations at the Bean Bar in Westdale and landed us the best table in the house. Everyone was really happy with their food, and there was no horrible wait like last time, and no monster bill!! We had another newcomer last night, Sarah's friend Kim, or Betty, as she's sometimes called. Which is weird, because I am too by my sis Melanie (aka Veronica). Kim introduced several interesting topics to the conversation, including how cool it is to wear a scarf with skulls on it when you work at a law firm, and the fact that stripper poles can be introduced to parties in a fun way as long as enough alcoholic beverages have been provided.

Our other Kim told us all about her new greyhounds that she and Don have rescued, and I have pictures! Here are Lucy and Ramona:

lucy ramona

Looking forward to the next dinner in January ladies!!

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  1. I 100% agree with you. And have, for all of the non-facebook participants, forwarded the address for your blog. So be prepared for unsolicited comments!
    Last night was really a lot of fun! Mange club really is turning out to be EXACTLY what we wanted it to be. A bunch of girls getting together, talking about girl stuff, having a nice meal (prepared and served to us), and laughing.


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