Friday, 7 December 2007

Pictures of the babies (or puppy and kittens, as some would say)

Every now and then I like to post these for everyone to see how fast Cohen is growing...I know her Grandma Masney and Moore especially apprecaite it, so here are a few new ones.

2007_12010002 2007_12010078 2007_12010026 2007_12010056 2007_12010058

2007_12010073 2007_12010021 2007_12010086 2007_12010089 2007_12010099

These are ten of 92879706 that Billy takes on a regular basis, but we're already borderline annoying about our children (ahen, animals, I guess) so I try to keep it to a minimum. As you can see, it's pretty rare to catch Lola in a picture. She's never really impressed with any of us, but recently she graced us with her presence for a group shot, my personal fav.

Not sure how they are all going to be over the holidays with the festivities we have planned. Cohen gets really nervous in larger groups, so she may need to head up to bed for our Christmas Open House. We want to ease her into the whole house party, loud music, drinks everywhere type of night. Arthur, however, will probably find a warm spot on every guests lap, he digs the party scene.

(Note: Hey Mom, how weird is it to think of you as 'Grandma Masney'? Maybe it's time to die your hair red and start playing cards. And make us all perogies)


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  1. I love the pic of Cohen inches away from the camera. It's fabulous. The group shot is very unusual - to see all three of them within feet of each other.

    I think it's kinda cool to be thought of as Grandma Masney......don't know what Dad thinks of Grandpa Masney though....hahahahaha....he may want to be called Uncle Mope by any future grandkids.


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