Friday, 21 December 2007

Twas the night, err, a few nights before Christmas…

The holidays are here, its official. The malls are bananas, the clerks are ruthless in their search for commission (ahem, crazy Future Shop girl) and in a few short days we’ll all be gathered around tables eating Turkey and apple pie.

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting party pictures (and there are MANY) they will be coming soon. With the craziness at my work and our schedules being so busy, we haven’t had any time to gather them and email/post. But we have holidays coming up, and after two days at home I’m bored out of my mind, so the update is on its way.

Tonight after work is Phase 1 of my last minute Christmas shopping plan. Dad and I usually have a shopping date of this kind each year, in which he hands me the debit card and follows me in and out of various girly stores like La Senza and the Body Shop. (This is a total lie Mom, he really does handle the entire La Senza transaction…..can’t you picture it?)

Billy will also be out there amongst the frantic shoppers, where he will undoubtedly bring home the most perfect gifts. I must say, he’s an amazing gift giver. Over the years he’s given me the most thoughtful things. Our first Christmas together he had a ton of gifts for me, but one thing in particular that I remember was a gift bag of paint brushes. And not a paint brush set that you can buy at Shoppers Drug Mart, but real artist brushes that he went and picked out, one by one, and wrapped them in tissue. Have you ever been to Curry’s? I love to paint, and even I have a hard time picking out the right brush. Gifts like that almost have a ‘Little Women’ vibe to them, like hand sewn handkerchiefs and that sort of thing.

For the next week or so our plan is to really enjoy our time off, time with family and friends. No more work stress, no more car trouble, no more Cohen worries. All is well in the Rock-Duckworth household, just in time for Christmas.

 To those of you that we don’t see soon, we hope you all have an amazing Christmas this year with your families. We’ll be thinking of all of you. Eat tons of food, drink lots of wine, and stay safe. Oh, and watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. Christmas really isn’t the same without it.

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  1. Yipee - only four more sleeps. Dad and I are also looking forward to the holidays!!!



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