Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Mmmm soft pretzels

Last night on my way home from work I got a call from Steph, she and Geoff had two tickets to the Leaf game last night and they wanted to see if we could take them off their hands! And so, 20 minutes later we were on the highway off to watch the Leafs play Philidelphia.

Sports are a million times better in person then they are on tv because of a) the snacks, b) you get to sing the anthem, c) superfans are way funnier in person, and d) you can get more snacks in the second intermission.

As you all know (well....ok just Dad, Don, Norine and Billy) the Leaf's won in over time...which was awesome for several reasons. It's good for the Leafs I guess....but it's better for me. Leafs winning = Happy Billy


  1. I agree with you sports are so much better live.

  2. I'm glad Billy got to see a Laff game before the playoffs start. Did you ever tell Billy about watching hockey with your Dad and making crayon signs that read "Go Habs Go"?

  3. I think I still have some of those in the "Adriane box" - I was saving them for your 1st anniversary (paper).

  4. Well luckily he DOES know (also about the leafs symbol with the X through them) cause otherwise the wedding could have been off!!!


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