Monday, 5 May 2008

I found shoes

On Saturday Cassie, Rachel and I took to the streets of downtown Toronto in search of bridal shoes….and found them! Yep, it was that easy. And no, they weren’t found in a bridal shop (shocking, since bridal shops are all filled with simply gorgeous white patent leather pumps). And although I cannot go into any details about them for fear of a certain groom knowing a bit too much about the outfit….I’ll just say they are amazing, and unique, and very cool. Not that you’d expect any less.

With the shoes taken care of, we spent the rest of the day window shopping, looking at dresses for them, accessories, etc. I think it will be pretty easy to find them, the girls have a really good idea of what they want, so we just need find them. A few more shopping trips and I think we’ll be all set. Also purchased…dress to wear to the bridal shower, dress to wear to Stag & Doe, and a pile of magazines for the bus ride home.

Later on after Cassie and I survived the torrential downpour and a rather scary drive on the highway we met up with Mike Shields for a birthday dinner and drinks. FYI, Kelsey’s makes the best strawberry daiquiri I have ever had. We then met up with Steph and Geoff, had a few more drinks and went to to Slainte’s. There was a cover band there, which is pretty typical of Slainte’s, but not often can a cover band get a party started quite like this one did. Perhaps it was because they covered all of our favourite songs. Perhaps it was the beer. Either way, good times.

Tonight we’re off to our menu tasting…how very weddingy of us, I know. I’m excited to see the venue in the warmer weather, the trees might be a little greener, should be nice. And….if the food is crap….too bad guys, we’ve come too far. This is THE venue…so just pretend it’s good. Besides, everyone knows it’s not the food that matters…it’s the bar.

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  1. The club was gorgeous with snow, even more gorgeous with the sprouting trees and greening grass - imagine how beautiful it will look in September!!
    All the menu selections last night were fantastic - and the white wine was very very nice.
    Cross your fingers that they'll have Guinness for your Dad and that's there's no Mac football game on that day and we're good to go.

    If there is a game, we might have to put the Mikes in charge, possibly with the assistance of Rachel and Cassie, of keeping Dad on the premises at all times.



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