Saturday, 3 May 2008

We do exist. Seriously.

So apparently when you have a new job, and a wedding to plan, and a house to sell, you forget about things like the internet, and television…and the whole process of keeping people in the loop. Which is odd, because it seems like every girl out there getting married has a separate special bride blog….I don’t know how they do it. But, I’ll try to remember this one at the very least.

Time for updates.

Well….in terms of the wedding, things are moving right along! The dress is being made, the flowers are ordered, the photographer is booked, the menu is selected, the invitations have been chosen….so we’re right on schedule. And thanks to the wedding party my parents had for us (well…wedding party turned drinks/ufc/loud music/3 in the morning party) we all have a good idea of what’s still to be done. The list is a little on the long side, but that comes with the wedding planning territory. And my life pretty much runs on to-do lists, so I’m loving it! Things we’re looking for currently…..a dj, an idea for favours, umm….I think that’s it! Everything else is all set to be purchased/ordered/booked, which is a pretty cool thing. And needless to say…..this will, without question, be the best wedding I’VE ever been to, ha ha. This weekend Rach and I are headed to the bridal district of T.O. to look for shoes….fingers are crossed!

The house. Pretty soon we’ll be out looking for a new one! Now….you never know with real estate. Ideally, we’ll be in a new place before the wedding. Seems crazy, I know. But rest assured, we will be leaving whatever floral wallpaper and hideous shag carpet we find there until after the wedding. We’re crazy, but not THAT crazy. And if we don’t end up selling fast enough, then we’ll wait till next spring, so we’ll see how it goes!

The jobs. My charming fiancĂ© (he he, yep) got a promotion at work! He will be the head of the safety department, woo hoo! It’s funny, because we’ve both sort of drifted into this WSIB related territory, so when I hear about new standards coming down from them, he will be hearing it too. Bizarre how things work.

Those are the major updates for us. Cohen and Arthur are doing great…Cohen is pretty excited that spring is here, which has meant several trips down to the Pier. We have lost touch almost completely with normal television, but religiously watch Friday Night lights on dvd. Also, is anyone watching Dexter? If not, you should be. Same goes for Flight of the Concords. And the hills…..oh ya….I said it.

Things coming up….lots of great shows (V Fest, Radiohead, Death Cab….), Mike Shield’s birthday (!!), and several other summer parties that we’ll be pretty excited about. I think this has turned into the year of parties. B’s birthday soon, Stag & Doe…bachelor….bachelorette…..yikes!

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