Monday, 30 June 2008

First fitting an official success

On the weekend I received a gentle reminder about my lack of posts and the fact that Norine is sick to death of my cupcake blog entry (thanks mom-in-law-to-be!!!) so I will do my best to get this going again.  Happy Monday everyone!!

As you know we had a dress fitting on the weekend.  It was an absolute success, despite my certainty that we would walk in and the dress would be a total mess and I would feel too bad to say anything.  But there was no need, it was perfect.  And how much do we all love Lisa?  She’s the most adorable lady ever…and her house…drool.  We got pictures which will remain in the vault until after the wedding, but trust us, the dress is exactly as it should be.  Better even.  And the shoes were SO the right choice.  Ahhh the shoes.  Maybe after the wedding I will get some sort of glass case for them.  They really should be on display.  A few pictures of the fam in front of Lisa's lovely home and dress shop:

189_2 190_2
I guess I should recap a bit on where we on with everything.  It’s been such a blur, but we’re really moving along.  We have got the invitations, so we can send those out in the next few weeks.  I work with a girl who's Mom (get this) is a professional calligrapher.  Yep.  And she has offered to do our envelopes for free!  SO sweet.  We’re working on programs and centerpieces and favours.  Which, speaking of favours, are pretty tough.  Most of the favour suggestions I see are absolute crap.  So I’m torn on this one…I refuse to give out a cheap little trinket that will likely be left on the table after the wedding.  So, we’ll see.  Centrepieces are tough too.  I have seen many that I like, but it's hard to find something simple enough....that is still pretty.  Here are a few ideas we've seen:

centrepiece2 centrepiece3 centrepiece4

The boys will be getting their suits soon.  The girls have their dresses.  The honeymoon has all been booked.  Care for Cohen has been arranged (thanks Shields!!).  My little planner has a lot more checkmarks then it once did…such a relief to see.

It’s still going to be a busy few months.  Lots of running around still to do.  But the major things are done, so now we can focus on the details and getting more inspiration.  It’s a good thing I have spent a small fortune on wedding magazines.

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  1. Yeah to my friend Norine for getting Adriane kick-started on her blog!

    Looking forward to having a planning meeting over tea tomorrow night - I've got some ideas to share and some checkmarks of my own to check off.
    Yes, the fitting was brilliant! Even Dad, who peeked in, was very happy with what he saw. But how could he not - our daughter looked absolutely gorgeous. AND she was very happy with a couple of details that she was particularly concerned about. But all those details are in the big vault until after the big day which is only 81 days away!!!



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