Monday, 7 July 2008

Even the traffic couldn't ruin Jimmy Eat World

Despite a drive home that lasted about 3 hours (thanks QEW for being only 1 lane) the Jimmy Eat World show was one of the most memorable shows we've been to. Song after song, they were just SO good. And their encore was Hear You Me. And I cried. I think a lot of people did. It was just.....sigh.....amazing.

And then we sat in the car for 3 hours trying to get home. Fun!

The rest of the weekend was pretty nice too. Saturday night Cass came down for a sleepover. We watched Forrest continue to be awesome in the UFC pay per view. And we watched that 300 spoof movie with Carmen Electra and the most ridiculous dialogue ever, but I'm sad to admit it was absolutely hilarious.

Sunday was a shopping day for Cass and me. We hit the Eaton Centre for the afternoon, grabbed lunch, took our time in Forever was a really fun day! When we got back to the city Billy and I took a drive out to the University Club again to see how it's looking. If we can ever figure out how to get pictures off our blackberries we'll upload them. But it looked perfect, very green and quiet and beautiful. Only a couple more months now!!!!

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  1. I think I might take a run out to the club this weekend myself and take a look around........scout out some good picture
    Less than two months to go. It seems like just yesterday you two got engaged!!!


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