Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Jay's BBQ

Our long weekend was mildly relaxing, despite multiple call-ins from Billy's work. On Saturday as poor Billy was at Dofasco fixing a giant machine I hit the mall. I finished up our registry (which by the way, I didn't love doing....and still feel as though I failed the project). I also picked up a few bits and pieces for various bridal party gifts that I'm working on. Despite being tempted by the vast (and gorgeous) selection of fall fashions, I held back in hopes of saving all of our pennies for the wedding. Ok, ok, so I bought two new bags. And a pair of shoes. But seriously that's it. Apart from the 4 magazines. And Season 2 of Sex and the City.

On Sunday we drove out to good old Jarvis for a bbq at Jay's place. He and Ashley made us a fantastic dinner, including the best salmon we've ever had. We took Co with us for the first time...she's still a bit sad to be home I think. We're pretty sure she really misses their pup Cailegh. And all that fresh air and grass. And the potato wedges.

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