Monday, 15 September 2008

Favours and music and presents, oh my.

This past weekend was spent working away on last minute details. We actually managed to get a ton accomplished, just about our entire to-do list. First on the list was favours:


Nope, you won't see the actual favours till the day of....but here they are all sorted and ready to go for the guys to set up. What I can say is that I have never tied so many bows in my life. And that's the only thing I'll give away. Also, from this list numbering it sort of looks like our parents are sitting three tables back....but rest assured they are front and centre (don't worry Mom and Norine, ha ha).

Billy spent the weekend shopping for shoes (which, like everything else, I'm not allowed to see) and working away on the music. The soundtrack to our wedding is proving to be a tougher task than expected.

Billy making music

You see, we have approximately five hours to fill with music. And about ten hours of music we love. So, it's become a process of elimination. But, we're almost there. We know our must-haves (Muse, Hot Hot Heat, Journey) and our can-do-withouts (the third and fourth Bon Jovi throwback). We'll get there.

We also got our wedding party presents all wrapped and ready to go. Only a couple more days till our rehearsal dinner at Slainté's. Aren't they pretty??


Five more days!!!!!!

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  1. Oh don't worry - if Norine and I weren't sitting front and center.....we'd be making ourselves comfy at the head table. lol


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