Wednesday, 17 September 2008

God bless the to-do list

Throughout my wedding-related blog entries I have mentioned my ongoing (insane) to-do list. This list has been my savour, and also my ever-looming source of anxiety, ha ha. However, as you can see from my trust online checklist tracker, I have completed 184 of the necessary 186 tasks.


The only remaining lists are what-to pack lists, which are more fun and far less stressful. And being the highly organized bride that I am, I've been packed for days now anyway.

Tonight is our last night to sit at home on our couch, watch tv, and do nothing. I've cleaned the house up for Mike (who's house and Cohen/Arthur sitting), I've set up the wedding supplies for the guys to take. The rehearsal dinner/day after brunch outfits have all been planned and pressed. I've selected the perfect cozy-but-still-chic outfit for the train ride to Montreal. And the stack of magazines to bring while Billy sleeps for five hours.

Now, I just have to get through two more days of work. And all begins....


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