Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hen Night Baby!

My hen night was amazing....a night of girly drinks and fabulous shoes and the best margaritas in the city. It began with a rather civilized dinner at Papagayo. Well, before that first it began with an amazing Sash and Bachelorette shot glass necklace that the lovely Ashley adorned me with.

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Then it was off to the restaurant! Papagayo was amazing, as usual. God bless the Chimichanga!

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And that was followed by more (and more, and more) drinks at my Mom's. We enjoyed the best dance mix cd's ever, fondue, balloons, and martini shaped cake that Ash spent hours creating.

DSC04917 DSC04916 DSC04913 DSC04904 DSC04907 DSC04879 100_1458 100_1456 100_1453 100_1471 100_1470 100_1468 100_1463 100_1479 100_1478 DSC04911

As the night came to a close, Ashley, Rachel and I headed home. And shortly thereafter realized that the night was still young, and so a cab was called and it was off to Diavlo! I must say, for a night all about having fun with the girls, they played the very best soundtrack we could have asked for (Don't Stop Believin, Summer of's as if we made the playlist). Rachel forced us to do shots of something horrible and black that tasted like black licorice....good times!!!

DSC04938 DSC04937 DSC04926 100_1483 100_1487 100_1489

All in all it was the perfect night. Awww, the memories...thanks girls for making it so much fun!!

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  1. Dad, Don, Norine and I want to go one night for dinner........the orange ruffie was out of this world!!!!
    I had a lovely time and I thank you girls very much for letting the Moms join in the fun.


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