Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Wedding Photos : Part One

This is going to take several parts, so we'll begin with the whole pre-wedding day process. And yes, I'm sure EVERYONE has already seen them all over facebook. Along with my new hair. But, I'll just update this for my own memories, ha ha.

The night before the wedding the girls all got together and we spent the night at the Sheraton. We organized our beauty supplies, hung our dresses, and went out for a nice dinner at Toby's.

The wedding day itself was nothing but a hair and makeup party. Ash spent HOURS perfecting Cassie's hair, and I spent hours with lovely hot rollers in my hair.

By about 3, we all looked fabulous, and soon thereafter headed off to the wedding!!

(Stay tuned for part two...)



  1. Seeing them on facebook is one thing, but hearing how your day went from your view is quite another. Makes the photos seem new, as it gives your feelings on everything. I have actually never seen anyone look beautiful in rollers, but you managed it, you glowed the whole day.

  2. I agree with Norine - it adds a whole other perspective to hear it from your viewpoint. Oh, and I also agree with the "beautiful" part......although I am kinda partial.....lol


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