Thursday, 9 October 2008

At last, the honeymoon pics!

There is so much to say about Montreal. It’s absolutely stunning to see. There’s so much energy there. So much history. So much shopping.

It all began on Monday morning at the Go Station downtown, where B & I headed to Toronto to catch our train. When we got to Union Station we loaded up on magazines, breakfast food and snacks, and got ourselves a nice cozy spot on the train. The ride was amazing. We were blessed (for the entire trip, actually) with perfect weather, so it was really relaxing to sit back and doze as we drove along the beautiful countryside. After about 3 hours or so we got a little ancy, only because we made the mistake of picking ‘facing another couple’ seats, which we thought would be awesome (more space, it seemed) but it was NOT awesome. We knew better for the way home. And as a funny side note, the couple we were sitting with were a cute older married couple, and we saw them on day 3 of our stay in Montreal in a random souvenir shop. We all waved to each other, it was adorable.

Our Honeymoon (101)

We pulled in to the Montreal Train Station in the late afternoon, got our luggage really quickly, and found ourselves a cab. At this point, it was a bit of a gamble as to how far the cab would actually have to take us. In looking at a map, it’s hard to tell if you’re close or not, the cab ride could have been $5 or $50. But, as our honeymoon luck would have it, it was about $7. He drove through downtown and right into old Montreal (sigh, yes, perfect) to our hotel.

Our Honeymoon (6) Our Honeymoon (5)

There are, no words, to describe the perfection that was our hotel. It was on the most gorgeous historic street. Right by the water. Each day they serve a huge buffet breakfast (complementary, of course). And each night they have wine and cheese in the bar (again, free). It was a flurry of businessmen and tourists and general busy-looking people. But, the best part of all, was our room. There’s a good chance I may at some point try to coerce Billy into selling our home and living indefinitely in the hotel. We had a corner loft suite, windows on both sides. And not just any windows, but those huge windows with latches that you can open wide up and lean out over the street. The fireplace. The softest bed in the world. The glass shower and ultra fancy soaps. The whirlpool tub that we are 100% buying for our next place. It was like an ultra cool little apartment. Hotel Nelligan, you are the best!!

Our Honeymoon (9) Our Honeymoon (35)

During our few days there, we went to great little restaurants, great pubs. Our favourite pub was right on our street, Les 3 Brasseurs. They had really good food, amazing beer, and they played the entire Death Cab album while we were there. Apparently there is one of these soon opening in Toronto, yay!

Our Honeymoon (100) Our Honeymoon (99)
Our Honeymoon (20) Our Honeymoon (19)
Our Honeymoon (18) Our Honeymoon (89)
Our Honeymoon (88) Our Honeymoon (48)

The best restaurant was a little Italian place that served nothing but pasta (and all you can eat bread and salad). This place was a one-of-a-kinder, so no website or advertising of any kind that we could find. But, when we go back, this is the first place we’ll go. During our entire meal we didn’t speak, we just sat there. Chewing. With a look of ‘Oh my God’ on our faces.

Our second full day in Montreal is what we like to call ‘Fall Shop Fest 2008’. Not only did I purchase several gorgeous sweaters, and a new handbag, and a watch…but Billy also splurged for several new fall jackets at the biggest H&M in the world. And a scarf. And a few shirts. I was so proud.

On our third day we did the touristy stuff. We started out at Notre Dame which was really very amazing to see. I have to admit. I sort of thought to myself “Church…boringgg” but nope. It was incredible.

Our Honeymoon (7) Our Honeymoon (65)

Our Honeymoon (55) Our Honeymoon (56) Our Honeymoon (61)

From there we went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts where we saw IN PERSON a Picasso, a Monet, a Van Gogh, and a Dali. We also missed by one day *shakes fist* the Warhol Exhibit. Yeah. Furious.

Our Honeymoon (80) Our Honeymoon (70)
Our Honeymoon (76) Our Honeymoon (75)
Our Honeymoon (71) Our Honeymoon (72)

Overall, we spent a lot of time just walking around, hitting up random little shops, taking it all in. We already have in the works a plan for a group trip to Montreal next year sometime…we just have to go back.

Our Honeymoon (97) Our Honeymoon (93)
Our Honeymoon (66) Our Honeymoon (82)

We miss you Montreal! Best honeymoon, ever.


  1. Fabulous pictures......but it always makes me laugh that you guys all take pictures of your food!!! lol

    It certainly looks like the weather was perfect and your honeymoon suite is absolutely stunning! I am so glad that you had a wonderful time and lived in such luxury while you were there.


    P.S. Wanna take a picture of the turkey on Sunday?? hahahahahaha

  2. Great pics Age! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Montreal. I realllllllllly need to get myself up there one weekend.

    Looks like you guys had a beautiful and romantic honeymoon. I'm so glad for you!

  3. I love Montreal so much!

    This makes me want to relive all the wedding magic again....sigh

    love you!

  4. Ugh, I know, the build up to the wedding was the best! Maybe Billy and I will just get married on an annual basis, ha ha.

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