Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Panic and perfection

My lovely Maid of Honour Rachy added a few pictures to her blog recently (her blog is all about her makeup artist projects) and I had to steal a couple of them, because they both remind be of very, very distinct moments on our wedding day.


The first, is a moment captured in the hotel room minutes before we left. My Mom had called me sounding worried...the cd that I had made with the Coldplay song wasn't working. This being the song that I was going to walk down the aisle to, this being the first wedding detail that I was SURE of, when we got engaged. The cd that I tried on every cd player in our house. AHHH! And despite my moderately calm expression, those in the room know I was ever so slightly...crazy with panic.

Side note, for those of you who don't know, this song was a surprise to Billy. When we were first dating, way back in our myspace craze, I woke up one morning to check my comments (bah ha ha, oh boy) and he had left me this lyric from the Scientist:

'I had to find you, tell you I need you, tell you I set you apart'


The second, a moment of bliss. This was right after our ceremony, when I discovered that the music, and timing, and everything else had fallen into place. I didn't fumble our vows, or trip on my dress, or sob uncontrollably to the point of embarrassment. Everything has perfect, and we were officially married!!



  1. This first blip had me sick to my stomach - sweet Mike Hartflet took me down the stairs and had me tell him the song (in a whisper). He was on the phone to his sister to get her to download it IMMEDIATELY and get it to him ...... then he was ready to find the closest store and buy it. Then Bruce came to the rescue and got the piece of equipment needed to play it.

    Mike was ready in an instant to do whatever he needed to do to make that perfect moment happen for Adriane and Billy - I'll never forget that.


  2. So sweet...we have the best friends :)


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