Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Strangers

This movie was scary. Too scary maybe. After it ended I forced Billy to search our house for masked people. I looked under the beds. And in the larger cupboards where a masked man could possibly fit.



In theory, I love a good scary movie. I love the original Halloween and the Friday the 13th movies. Back in the good old days when usually at least one person makes it out alive. But the new generation of scary movies has somehow removed that ‘ends on a good note’ factor. And you end up with a bunch of dead people at the end, and it’s just the psycho killer guy who lives, conveniently, for the sequel.

That being said, I DO plan on watching many, many scary movies this weekend. Scary, yes, but so worth it.

Things I have learned from scary movies:
  • Rule #1: Don’t go to remote summer houses.
  • Rule #2: Don’t go on road trips through the southern states.
  • Rule #3: Lock the doors when you walk into the house. Not later after you hear weird noises.
  • Rule #4: When you’re pretty sure there is someone in the house because a creepy song came on the record player all by itself, so you’re walking around slowly looking for who did it, turn the music off. You can actually hear things better that way.
  • Rule #5: When you ignore rules 1 and 2, charge your cell phone before you go. And the second you’re in an area without reception, turn around and drive back to Canada.
  • Rule #6: Don’t go in the old barn out back. Just don’t.
  • Rule #7: For the love of God, don’t let your husband/boyfriend leave to go get help without you. Go with him.
  • Rule #8: Don’t waste your time trying to call for help on the old radio thingy in Grandpa’s shed. It’s not going to work, and now you’re just trapped in a shed.
  • Rule #9: Bargaining rarely works. In all of the scary movies I’ve seen, no killer ever responds to the pleading with “You know what, you’re right, what am I thinking. You should just go.” Instead focus on poking him in the eyes.
  • Rule #10: When you’re daughter starts talking about Captain Howdy…you’ve got problems my friend. You’ve got problems.


  1. omg Adriane, you are hilarious...lol. All of these are things that we have said watching these movies. lol. Along with, "why is she going in there? has she never watched a horror movie"...lol

  2. I have no clue where you get this fondness for scary movies......I hate them and when Dad rents one, I've been known to make him turn down the sound so I can't even hear it upstairs....lolololol



  3. The # 1 thing i have learned from scary movies is when you hear something in the house DO NOT go looking for it. Why is it in scary movies the girl is always going up stairs when she should be leaving the house all together.

  4. It's true, those horror movie ladies are just not smart. Although, I suppose it would be a pretty lame horror movie if the premise of the movie was "Young girl hears sounds, runs out of the house. The end."

    Ha ha ha.


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