Thursday, 23 October 2008


The CW may have won me over with this one.


Via CW

Unlike America's Next Top Model, which has become more and more about ridiculous characters and less and less about the fashion industry, this show is actually about fashion. It has it's fair share of weirdos, that much is true. However it seems like the Creative Director of Elle didn't really embrace their weirdness, and instead gave them tips on how to be less weird. So far so good!

There was a rather annoying part of the pilot in which a low-cut-top-bearing young girl was sobbing over the fact that the Creative Director wanted her chest covered up. She sat in her room in tears because she just loves her clothes. With any luck she will get the boot before someone has to enlighten her to the fact that the fashion industry isn't exactly a huge fan of breast implants. Maybe she got the magazines mixed up. A job at Elle? Not so sure. Maxim, on the other hand,  might be interested.


  1. hee hee - I loved this one! The only thing that bugged me was that the Editor of Elle could barely walk in her high heels. I thought that was weird.
    But overall, I thought it was good - besides, I can't find ANTM on Wednesday nights on any channel......

  2. Bah ha ha, I completely forgot about that part! That was hilarious, she looked so awkward.

    Maybe she's just an actress who does a good mean face. Although it's not even that good.


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