Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Oh, ladies. It’s time to call it quits.

My name is Adriane, and I watch the Hills. I always have. In fact, I watched both seasons of Laguna Beach, which is the exact same as the Hills, but the kids are high schoolers and the drama is, if you can believe it, even more stupid. But, there is something about teen dramas that suck me in. Throw together any show with a few young people in clothes they really shouldn’t be able to afford and a prom episode (so that I can relive my not-so-distant youth) and I’ll watch it. I just will. And then, when it starts to suck, I’ll still watch it. Out of habit.


Most people started watching the Hills in the season 2 to 3 era, and it’s a shame, because they truly missed the best part of the show. Not only do you not know Heidi at all, but you never knew her other boyfriend Jordan, who is essentially a 20-something Will Farrell. You will also not know that Jordan bought her a puppy for Christmas, that has since eerily disappeared. You may not even know that Audrina also dated Spencer briefly.


As the years go on, this show has dwindled terribly. And to be honest, Lauren should have never been the central character. In Laguna Beach, where Lauren began her ‘acting in a reality show’ career, she was easily the least interesting character. She was outshone by all of her cast mates, especially Kristin Cavelleri (who really should have been the main character, but whatever). So, for some time now I have kept watching, but I’m not sure why. It might be the tie in with the fashion industry, although this is becoming less and less a part of things. It might be the rare glimpse of Whitney, the best character on the show. But, the bad is quickly outweighing the good. Spencer got old a long time ago. Heidi’s addiction to plastic surgery is just tragic (honestly, she used to be hilarious). And Audrina’s awkward silences are too awkward now. No one cares if she takes Justin Bobby back for the 437928765th time. We all know she will.


On the bright side, a new show is coming, that may actually save the MTV reality show empire. The City, a show based around Whitney’s new job in Manhattan, has a shot at being awesome. Don’t get me wrong, there’s at least a 98% chance that it will suck. However, Whitney is lovely, and she’s very career driven, so there will likely be a lot of fashion show scenes, scenes at her new office where she will be working for Diane Von Furstenberg. My fingers are crossed!

But without Whitney, I really don't have an excuse to keep watching the Hills. Right?

All images via MTV

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