Thursday, 13 November 2008

Working for the weekend...

Today we will be picking up our wedding pictures! Sabrina was very fast in getting these back to us, and she’s been a dream to work with. And I can say, with pleasure, that these pictures will NOT appear on facebook before I see them! Yayyyy!!!

In other news, the weekend is fast approaching and we have much to do. Tomorrow night Billy, Ashley, Mike H., Heather and I are all headed downtown to see Nine Inch Nails. I am certain they will not let us down, and I’m extremely excited to hear Capital G live.

Saturday I’ll be heading to Toronto for the day for some pre-party prep with Rach and Tanya for her birthday. The to-do checklist has been in the works for some time now. She will be having everyone over to her apartment first, and then we will all head out to The Social. This will be my first time there and I’m very excited!

Silly dance party pictures coming soon.


  1. Wedding Pictures!!!! thats great!!! Im excited!!!!

  2. Wedding pictures!!!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!!!

    Silly Dance party pictures!!!!!!!!! Can hardly wait.


  3. I saw a few pics on Sabrina's site and on your Mom's FB....

    OMG they are fantastic!!! You guys look so happy and so relaxed!

    I hope all is well is Mr. and Mrs. Duckworth land!


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