Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Cohen hearts Dundurn

You may think that I’m one of those delusional dog owners who thinks everyone wants to see 465872345 pictures of their dog, theirs being of course the cutest and sweetest one of all. Ya, well, so what.

The other day Cohen and I took a little walk around the Castle, probably her favourite spot to go in our neighbourhood. Apart from the 5 by 10 foot patch of grass at the corner of Dundurn and York. She gets pretty excited about that spot.

There isn’t an inch of Dundurn that doesn’t fascinate her. And apart from the occasional run in with the oddly viscous pug that frequents the area, we’re almost always alone to enjoy the place.

And yes, in that one picture below she’s wearing my hat. She actually wants it to be on, all the time. Really.





Co10 Co11

Co6 Co59

Co56 Co55

Co49 Co47

Co43 Co39

Co37 Co36

Co31 Co30

Co3 Co29

Co23 Co22


  1. Cohen in your hat!!!



  2. These pictures of you and cohen are lovely - our neighbourhood looks so nice.

  3. ...the picture of the walkway w/ the maple trees on either side...thats where i'm getting married! lol

    i absolutely ADORE your puppy :) my golden retriever, Casey, recently passed away, and i've been really bummed about it...but Chris and I are hoping to get a retriever puppy in the future. i just can't get enough of them!

  4. What a PERFECT place to get married!!! Wow, the pictures are going to be so gorgeous. I'm so excited for you!!!

    Losing a pet is the worse thing, ever. I am so happy you're thinking of getting another. When you get her, PLEASE bring her to see us and Cohen!!

  5. Sometimes I forget that Cohen is a dog. Yah that sounds odd, but really...Cohen has personality like no other dog I have seen. I hate dogs as a rule, but I love Coh.


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