Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Just a few days till the weekend...

So far, this week's been really great! Gossip Girl was fabulously filled with teen angst, which is always a good start. Oh, that brooding Chuck. And oh, the amazing geniuses that create Blair and Serena's wardrobe. Will I still be watching shows like this when I'm....oh wait, I'm already too old for them. Sign, oh well. On Sunday we watched House of Saddam, does that make me more of an adult??

Tonight we have the Thursday/Rise Against concert to go to (which may or may not happen for me if I can't fight off this migraine). Billy is SO, SO excited. Yet another show that we don't have to drive to Toronto for, which means Billy can drink beer, yayyyy!

We have lots of Xmas shopping and Christmas party supply shopping to do with the party this weekend and Christmas suddenly a little too close. It's going to be a busy one.

In other news...I have a cool little announcement (yes, I really am this lame). I have reconnected with an old friend, Corinne, who I haven't seen or spoken to in over ten years! She and my Mom found each other online, and now we're sending gigantic emails back and forth catching up. Apart from my Mom and Dad, no one reading this blog even knows her, which I find really bizarre. But, we were pretty inseparable for the better part of my childhood, right up until high school. In Billy terms, she's my Mike Harflett.

As we've been joking about recently, we took a rather difficult Chemistry class together. How cool is it to know someone who I took Chemstry with! Not to mention all of the classes we took in Grades 1, 2, 3....

So, life is good in the Duckworth household! I leave you with a little cartoon from one of my all time favourite websites. I used to overdo these in the myspace days. They may be making a comeback.



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  1. I am so so happy that you and Corinne have re-connected!! I was looking at pics of the two of you - in Earl Kitchener, at sleepovers, at Ryerson, at the zoo, at graduation, at Kilcoo......awww so cute.

    Oh, and a friend of mine has my the yearbook that has my one and only yearbook picture....I'm going to get her to scan it for you.



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