Saturday, 6 December 2008

The movie

Last night after work Billy surprised me with tickets to Twilight. We grabbed a quick dinner and then got to the theatre with just enough time to buy snacks and get amazing seats.

As the movie started, I did my best to enjoy it for what it was, without comparing it too much to the movie. They did a great job, was pretty close. I had imagined Forks as just a bit gloomier. And the ballet studio scene...a little darker. With a little more build up. But, over all, it was very well done.

And a pretty funny thing happened. I had heard through various celebrity blogs that the girls are loving the guy who plays Edward. Well, the first time Edward walked on screen, the audience applauded. Seriously.


  1. I'm totally hooked on Twilight...lemme tell ya.
    Started the first book on Saturday Sunday at 3 pm I told Carrie we HAD to go see the movie. Sunday night saw the movie and fell in love.

    It's now Wednesday and I'm more than halfway through Eclipse...with the last book waiting in the wings.

    As far as Robert Pattinson hot hot hot hot hot and just a little bit hot. But I didn't applaud when he came on screen. LOL

  2. It's so addictive!! I have only one complaint about this whole series. And I'm sure some people will be pissed at me for saying it. But here it goes. Too much Jacob. WAY too much.

    There. I put it out there.

  3. Were you disappointed by Breaking Dawn?
    I found it anticlimactic. And I found the birth scene VERY descriptive as opposed to the honeymoon (hello no juicy details :( !!!). I also really wanted the moment when Edward turned Bella to be much more of a focal point. And it really wasn't...I mean I guess it had to happen that way...they knew Renessmee was going to kill Bella during childbirth.


    Saw the movie again last night...and I'm telling ya, I'm head over for Robert Pattinson. Forget Edward, I'm all about Rob!
    Did you know he sings?! He SINGS!!!!

    I'm such a dork.

  4. I totally agree, the birthing scene was so graphic! Yikes, I wonder how they will do THAT in a movie!

    And ya, him turning her should have been a huge deal, and it was so overshadowed!

    I was a little disappointed. At first, I loved it. The wedding...the island, ugh. I almost feel like there's more to the story. We'll see I guess!


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