Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Thursday & Rise Against

Last night we all headed downtown for the Thursday & Rise Against show. Our first stop was the Honest Lawyer for a round. Harflett tried the new Keith’s Stout, which to warn you all (Dad), does NOT taste like Guinness.

This was my first time at the convention center for a show, and I LOVED it. Billy saw Jimmy Eat World and Coheed there years back, which must have been ridiculously cool. The beverage/food situation was a little odd. There was a line formed, and a lot of people trying to organize everyone. The drinks at to be poured into plastic glasses, you had to stay in line and proceed to pay. At one point Billy yelled out ‘I don’t like all these rules!’. Too funny.


First on was Thursday. What a great band they are. There was a pretty funny moment where the guitarist was having some technical difficulty, and the lead singer awkwardly tried to fill in the time with banter. It was actually pretty funny. At one point he said, “Before this technical difficulty you weren’t even that into us, you were like F*ck you guys. But now, now that you’ve seen us all uncomfortable, you’re like YAAA!” which I thought was hilarious.

Rise Against

Next up was Rise Against. I have to admit that I was most impressed with the few acoustic songs they did, I usually lean to acoustic. But, hearing Swing Life Away was great. Ash said it perfectly, it was so ’05.

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