Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Biology of Belief

The Twilight series is officially complete. I finished the 4th book yesterday. I have many, many thoughts on all the various twists and outcomes of this story. But overall, I loved it. I look forward to all of the movies. In particular, I look forward to seeing how they plan on conveying some of the more graphic scenes of book four (no spoilers, I promise).

Having completed that series, I have started a short book (funny how a 200 page book now seems like an essay) called The Biology of Belief. Don’t be thrown off my the weird cover. This book is written by a doctor who studied the placebo effect, and how the power of the conscious and unconscious mind has a direct effect on our physical and mental well-being. This goes far beyond the standard power of the mind stuff. This includes actual experiments that display not only the placebo effect versus pharmaceuticals, but actual surgery as well. I’m nearly finished, but if anyone’s looking for an interesting read, this one’s a good one.


  1. I insist on a "New Moon" girls night out when it's released!

    I am starting the series again and I'm halfway through "Twilight"...but really I'm just head over heels in with Robert Pattison.


  2. Now I have my glasses and can actually pick up a book and see to read it, I am on a reading spree. I read the whole Twilight series last week, and I loved it. I bought Marley and me to read because I want to compare it to the movie, and because it is so much like reading about our But now Im on to figuring out what I want to read next after Twilight. I cant wait to see the Twilight movie now.

  3. Well, Adriane lent me book 2 (New Moon) - but I had stayed up late nights reading Twilight during my Christmas holidays. So, I had to re-read the last couple of chapters so I could start New Moon with all the details fresh in my head.

  4. I love that Twilight is completely ageless!
    If it wasn't about vampires, I'd get my mom to read the books...but we all know how she feels about that kinda stuff.

    Aunt Norine, if you want to see Twilight I will go with you! It'll be my third trip. LOL


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