Friday, 16 January 2009

The City - A recap

I’m pretty sure ‘The City’, spin-off from ‘The Hills’, is doomed. But, I could be wrong, it could end up being dubbed the best and most riveting reality (completely unrealistic) tv show ever to hit MTV. Either way, I’ll be watching it till the bitter end. I can’t help it.

On this weeks episode, we start off with Whitney having one of her new DVF staff meetings. They are getting ready for the Wonder Woman (?) party and Whitney has somehow become the head stylist for this event. Not bad for her 3rd day of work!


After Whitney is announced as leading the storefront styling project, it’s also announced that Olivia (the ‘I’m so cool and connected girl) will assist her with this. She’s clearly thrilled.


Erin, Whitney’s old roommate has a bit of drama in this episode. Her boyfriend of about 5 minutes has decided to move from Toronto to New York, to be with her. And he wants to move in. Maybe they should first get to know eachother more. Little details like last names may help this a little.

Once again Whitney is whining about Jay. Jay does NOT want to get serious. He’s in a band and he’s very cool and he just doesn’t have time for that sort of thing. He’s given her the whole “Let’s just see’ bit about nine times. Here’s a thought Whit…maybe he doesn’t actually want to be your boyfriend! Here’s another thought. Maybe buy yourself a new shirt…what IS that you’re wearing here?? I'm pretty sure it's one of those t-shirts with the rows of beads stitched right to the shirt. I'm sorry, I don't care if you work for one of the best designers ever. This look is not a good one.


Instead of being smart and getting rid of this guy, she decides to go on a date with a weird guy from work and casually drop that in the first 5 seconds of her next conversation with Jay. Well played Whit, well played. And in the end, Jay brings over wine and asks her to go steady. Pretty romantic stuff, right?

Whitney and Jay

All images via MTV


  1. Wow - I can hardly wait to watch this!
    Does it come on right after 90210?

  2. Ha ha ha, it might as well be. Except this one claims to be 'real life'. I beg to differ!


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