Thursday, 15 January 2009

Old vs. New

When it comes to buying a ‘new’ house, I find myself really torn. While I do like the look of many new/newer houses these days, there is something within me that is always drawn to an old home. It feels more like a home to me. In new houses, I sort of feel like a visitor. Or like I need to be really, really careful. And it doesn’t seem like a place where Cohen should even be allowed.

Throughout my life, I have always lived in really old houses. Old houses with cool metal door handles and windows that don’t open smoothly (you have to prop them open with something or else they will slam down and scare the hell out of you). With scratchy wooden floors that wouldn’t be nearly as cool looking if they were refinished. And layers of wallpaper that is maddening to remove, but also so much fun just to be able to see. When we renovated the bathroom in our place, old newspapers had been used under the sub floor. You just won’t find that kind of thing in a new place.

But new places have so many bonuses. They really do. And Billy is favouring a new place. So, I’m brainstorming. Can I bring myself around to the idea of a new house being ours? Can I make it ‘us’?

Going New - The Cons:
  • Carpet. Everywhere. Or ultra shiny wood floors that Cohen will destroy. And not in that old on-purpose looking way.
  • New places tend to have an air of pretension that I can’t stand. And even if our place does end up being new, I don’t want to raise spoiled ‘new development’ kids.
  • It probably won’t be anywhere near Dundurn Castle or Christ the King Church, which just seem to have always been part of my neighbourhood.
  • No creaky floors (yep, I like the creaks. I can see myself being a little jumpy in a place where walking can’t be heard)
  • No newspaper linings to discover under the sub floor of the bathroom.
  • No history. Or character.

The Pros:
  • Everything looks cleaner. Even when it’s messy.
  • No surprise visits from the plumber needed when a pipe in the basement decides to explode.
  • Architects seem to have learned from the mistakes of old. Layouts make sense.
  • Energy efficiency and all that eco-stuff.
  • New homes are in new neighbourhoods. Sans Frankie and Mary. (the crazy drunk neighbours).
  • The walls won’t have been painted 467786 times.
  • There probably won’t be any ghosts. Or assumptions that at least one person died in the house somewhere.
  • I have a shot at getting a mudroom.
  • I have a shot at getting a dishwasher (!!)
  • There’s a good chance the basement won’t give me nightmares.
  • As far as character goes….I think we’ll probably be able to bring enough of that with us.

1 comment:

  1. You guys have tons of'll bring it wherever you go. And as for history, that's what you will be creating.

    And what's wrong with having a ghost in the house......they add plenty of character!!


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