Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Champagne Birthday!

I know, I know. I’m always a good month late on putting up party pics. Well, I have tons of excuses (lack of internet, a dead laptop, an office move, too many good tv shows to watch) but hey, I always get around to it, so here goes.

My wonderful birthday started out with dinner with my amazing husband. He picked me up from work and said we could to to whatever restaurant I wanted, which happened to be Jack Astor's because I’m a sucker for that buttery bread they have. After that we headed home and it was time for pressies! Billy bought me a very cool camera (which was at the top of my wish list), Season One of Gossip Girl, and two gorgeous necklaces!

100_0008 100_0005

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On Friday night I had a lovely dinner with Rach and Ash at La Luna. We drank wine and had amazing food (tomato and cauliflower is the best). Like the nerdy photo obsessed bunch we are, we of course asked the waitress to take a picture of us.


On Saturday I spent the majority of my day moving my office, but my dinner time I was home getting ready for the party! During the day Billy had decorated the entire house with balloons and streamers, so cute. He also picked up cupcakes from our favourite bakery, Weil’s, which we used for the wedding and as you all know make the very best cupcakes in the world.

Later on everyone came over for drinks and snacks. Ash, Linds and I headed out a little early and got the dance party started down at Diavlo. It was such a fun night!! A tad too much Champagne, but that’s mandatory for your Champagne birthday!

100_2925 100_0067

100_2935 100_2923

100_2942 100_2907

100_0088 100_0089

100_0087 100_0077

100_0080 100_0076

100_0090 100_2917

100_3021 100_2947

100_0115 100_0121

100_0117 100_0118

100_3000 100_2973

100_2980 100_2961

Sunday and Monday were both spent with our amazing families, both of which made us delicious dinners AND gave me Chapters Gift Certificates (they know me so well, ha ha). It was nice to just relax and spent time with them all, it seems like we don't do that enough these days!!

Thanks to everyone for coming out for my birthday, it was so much fun!!


  1. definately way to much champagne but i wouldnt change a second of it
    well...except maybe our hangovers lol

  2. Adriane!!

    You look so beautiful in these photos!

    Wish I could have been there :( Grr work.

    Next time.....Diavlo! I'm there...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Age! I had no idea it was your birthday...I will blame that on your husband :)



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