Monday, 23 February 2009

Oscars 2009 - Best Dresses

How good were the Oscars this year?? I absolutely LOVED the way they presented the awards to the best actresses and actors, incorporating previous winners. What a brilliant idea that was. And Hugh Jackman was such a great host!

A few of my favourite dresses of the night:


Penelope, who was a winner (and deservedly so). Did anyone but me watch Vicky Christina Barcelona?


Natalie, one of my all time favs.


Taraji, who was very good in The Curious Case of the most boring movie ever, er, I mean Benjamin Button.


SJP. Of course.


Marisa Tomei. I wish this woman was in more films. She's amazing.


All images via Via Just Jared

I don't have to like her to know she looked fabulous. Oh those green earrings.

A word on Jennifer Aniston. She looked....alright. I would have been much happier if she wore that low-back red dress that the Documentary winner wore (the one that did Smile Pinki). But, you know, whatever. Instead she decided to borrow a dress from Carrie Underwood.


  1. I <3'd Vicky Cristina!

    And the Oscars were FAB this year!

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