Monday, 30 March 2009

Almost up for sale!

We've had a really, really busy couple of weeks trying to get the place ready to sell. Of course, our to-do list grew and grew, but we're finally finished! Now everything looks pretty and we have followed almost ALL of the home staging rules (including clearing out 50% of your closets....which was much harder than I expected). Well, maybe not ALL of the rules. We don't have all white walls. But Ralph Lauren never intended for people to only use his whites.

On Saturday our agent and friend Dave came to take a look at the place and was very pleased with it, it sounds like we shouldn't have too hard of a time (knock on wood!). We have seen quite a few listings with pictures of horribly cluttered living rooms and sinks with dirty we for sure have a leg up on those guys. One of the best ones we have seen was a little bungalow with a living room that had a shrine to Jesus in one corner. We've decided that should we make an offer, we will add a condition to the offer that the Jesus shrine MUST stay with us!!

This week, if all goes as planned, we will officially be listed. So exciting!!!

Did anyone see that special on HGTV 'Buying and Selling: 20 Best Kept Secrets'? It was really good! We've been so focused on our sale that we haven't thought a ton about buying, so it was a good reminder to not jump up and down with excitement during open houses and to line up the cash before making an offer.  I made notes, of course.


  1. Ah, my house-warming gift to you and B.....
    a Jesus shrine.


  2. Good luck with the listing!

  3. good luck guys! your house is adorable and i know you'll have no problems selling it!
    if it was in burlington i'd make an offer lol


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