Thursday, 5 March 2009

Quite a story

After the recent 1,500 jobs lost at Stelco, it seems that the U.S. may have gone back on the contract that was initially agreed upon when the takeover took place. I was pretty shocked to hear that Stelco was closing down, and a little scared about what will happen as a result. I hope all of the affected families are ok. Who knew things would get this bad...


  1. i don't know how else to get ahold of you, so i thought i'd tell you here...i'm a total idiot. lol

    The condo we were going to purchase last year...definitely WASN'T $83, was $183,500!

    I'm a big fat liar apparently hahaha. My apologies hun! You're probably better off (financially) living in hamilton...but then again, alot of awesome people live in Burlington ;) (just watch out for liars!) lol

    It was awesome seeing you guys again!
    We need to arrange a puppy play date!
    (you can check out my wordpress blog for pics of Leia! cute!)


  2. Ha ha, well that makes sense now!! And your puppy is ridiculously adorable! I MUST meet her!

  3. name the time and place and i'm there! :)
    although, weekends are preferable lol


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