Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday morning coffee is the best

I woke up bright and early today. So far today I have taken about 78496 buckets full of broken up concrete from one spot to another. Surprisingly, this was a most satisfying accomplishment for me. There is no longer an ominous looking pile of crap in our basement! I'm thinking the buyers might like this improvement.

We're moving ahead pretty fast with things now! Things left to do:

- Beg bank to still consider letting us have a mortgage despite the disastrous economic situation and promise we'll pay them back

- Call our real estate agent, beg him to try to sell our house

- Hire junk removal guys to take away our enormous pile of grabage

- Declutter like crazy

- Tidy up our closets because buyers always look in closets

- Make the outside look pretty (part of today's project)

- Make the basement floor look like it hasn't been destroyed (B's project for the day)

- Finish trim around new front door

- Put up for sale sign

- Have amazing 'goodbye' house party before we go

And so, back to the grind. That is, after our Tim Horton Chili combo break. Mmmm, chili and donuts.


  1. im excited for the "goodbye" house party!!!!

  2. What can I do to help?

  3. I second the house party! Oh the memories!

  4. And who can forget the House Warming Party!!!


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